In and out
The wave
A call

yes yes
yes yes yes
yes yes yes yes

/I'm beginning to think pigeons are more than just great birds to have around but are somehow magic birds. They are a sort of guardian angel bird, not magic genies that will make you win the lotto or get you elected emperor, more of a gentle spirit that keeps true evil away./

voice two; are you listening?
i saw a pigeon today

  1. The walls have ears.
  2. I have my ear to the ground.
  3. Are your ears burning?

how clear do I have to be>how much do I have to say>how loud do I have to speak>okay>it's weird>to speak this loud>i'm trying>okay i'm trying>just a second> to find something to read to you>alright are you ready>are you ready?


A castle that came into existence on the orders of a person who never set foot within its walls.

In the windows pigeons have made their home.

voice two; can you hear me?
i said i saw a pigeon
sorry the line cut off for a minute there
excuse the background noise
i'm in the car
i'm on the train
i'm walking
i'm running
i'm late for dinner

>scraps jostling in your pocket<

Tinfoil was the most abundant, occasionally bolts and nuts, screws, components of bicycles, safety pins, chains, shining, unidentifiable debris.

/anything goes just stick your mic in the mud/

/from these outskirts we hear not the field but its absence/


After I sent you photos of a couple of these metal objects, you sent me back arrows, symbols written on the ground.

i’m trying to look > right>ok

Around here

Behind this

Down there

Just here

Just beside that

That way

Over there

Follow this

0:46 so once I get this set up, I'll show you how I'm going to do that.
1:15 All right.


On the lowest step, she huddles.
She has been sitting so long that her feather print has worn into the stone.
She is close to the ground.
Like scraps and other sounds,
Like in one ear and out the other,

  1. Bird brain
  2. Sharp as a tack

voice; disappeared>middle bit>kind of>let it>lovingsandtalking>so it's kind of>the little like>yeah>really>don't think>needtodo>abouthat>respond>where?

it's been gathering twigs
it's been greasing up the glass with its wings


/over a carefully measured distance/
/Mapping their flight path in the sky/

7:08 PM Today
look up

/The cot pigeon sport is mainly about the tension of the lure, this is also called aerial work/


sounds moving through air, notes rising, bells in the distance, the general hum and buzz of people chatting on the street below, rooftops, nest building, observing at a distance; This is also called aerial work.


every moment and every feeling and every relationship you’ve ever had in that city all at once

6. Does that ring a bell?

/and in that sense the groupings create a geology of emotion/

/whatever information is lacking from the object caught in sound/

Like a bundle of sticks

Like a single starting gate and a thousand finish lines

[techno techno techno techno techno]

7. Cat among the pigeons
8. Time is on my side

/tracing invisible paths in the sky/

0:47 files treat edge
1:04 on the hairdryer Lockbutton tape
1:21 purified plot of foliage
1:33 I form the furnace made of brick


eggs!!!!!!!>cant believe it >she has eggs>she might have eggs >straw and sticks under her>hard to see but there are bits >they've built a nest

4:46 I was able to break away most of the shell with the hammer
5:05 So I submerged it in white vinegar overnight to dissolve what remained of the shell.
7:06 We're all used to seeing the outside of seashells, but never the inside.

(pick it up)
(hold it to your ear)

>that static sound underwater<


I asked if you could hear it but you didn't know what I was talking about.
We have different filters for sound in the constitution of our bodies.
We can use tools to communicate.

but i’m a bit embarrassed

>horse hooves on asphalt<

I sent you a recording on my phone. I wanted to contain the distance between my body and the tops of buildings, but it was muddy with footsteps, breath, car engines and pigeons. It was dominated by the wind in the phone speaker's ear.

/well capable of flying/

ear nest maybe?>I’ve never thought of ears like that >They do hold >But they also drop things > They can only hold for a little while

voice; it gets pretty surreal
the body remembers
different and warped
but then distorted
like an old ringtone

/objects for which there is no satisfactory resolution/

> speakers screech and buzz with the sound of an incoming text message<

(sounds)  for which there is no satisfactory resolution

[wing whistle]

and i’m half off grid>lol

4:47 So here's my solidified BLOB of aluminium
4:51 I'm gonna quench it in some water for no real reason, except that I just can't wait to touch this thing
4:57 So here we go

The exchange:
One partner returning to take up watch,
retching the spoils of their flight into the bellies of the squawking squabs

clicking>raindrops>uhmmmm>shuffling>a sigh> gulps down coffee>

5:19 Now see the crystals a little bit better.
5:22 You can see they look really feathery and of course intertwine, and they sparkle a little bit differently just because they're all aligned differently

i’ll def by back by 9pm tho


carried through lines and arrows
words speed from screen to screen
as once by wing

little bits dropped along the way.

Just here

Behind this

Over there




/Why are invisible birds shrieking?/

>whistle>wind like whistle>rumble>rumbling>something baffling in the distance >jumbling>again voices>voices>a piano notes rising>keeps moving>keeps moving>keeps moving>by some kind of flattering>behind it>oh>fumble fumble>like bones>drive by>cars drive by>and the bells>a speaker maybe>playing music>coming>yeah yeah yeah>yes okay>yes>someone is listening to music>music>it's getting softer>softening


4:01 Years ago these signs may have caused surprise, but not now.


/understand ourselves to be part of its soundscape, not at its centre but simultaneous with it, sounding with and through it a reality that is plural and passing/


a glass>conversation over dinner

The pigeons are gone this morning
A hole in the wall gapes
The window is greased from their feathers
A fog fallen over the city beyond


they rush by, umbrellas in hand,

9. Just wing it
10. Fly by the seat of your pants

She watches them pass.

(things revealed when the river is low)

Like a bundle of sticks

Like a single starting gate and a thousand finish lines

(i hope that's okay)
(it’s definitely okay)
(I’m just going to start here)