b. 1994, Dublin, Ireland
living & working in Den Haag, NL

Cara is curious about the way we use language; written, spoken and haptic, to communicate in very intimate ways. She explores the shape and weight of words, how we use physical touch to
 communicate, the way a voice moves from one body to another, how relationships appear within texts. Small-scale collaboration, often within her own close relationships, forms the foundation of much of her research. Through performance, writing, drawing, sound and textiles; she makes the processes by which we interact with those we love, tangible.

Cara has a BA in Fine Art Print from NCAD Dublin and completed a MA in Fine Art at the HKU, Utrecht in 2021. She has an ongoing interest in creative education and public engagement within the arts and has worked in both STEM & Art education, teaching and leading workshops, in schools, universities and galleries. Her writing has been included in in publications by Bloomers Art, Metropolis M, Mutual Support Platform and Simulacrum Magazine. Recent projects include; cluas, fonn, lámha in MSP Presents at Casco Art Institute, Utrecht, 2022; installation and participatory performance you and I, going around in The City, curated by Aifric Prior Beliere, Dublin, 2022; andyoureallymove, a participatory performance at Academie Gallerie, Utrecht, 2021; collaborative exhibition Water Bodies at Catalyst Arts, Belfast, 2020 and solo exhibition Sometimes the river flows backwards, Backwater Artists’ Studios, Cork, 2020.


carafarnan@gmail.com ︎
instagram.com/carafarnan ︎