Cara Farnan (b. 1994, Dublin) is an Artist based in Utrecht, NL.
She is drawn to the space between what we know about the world,
and what we sense about it. Right now she is curious about mouths,
the second person pronoun, what it means for a body to be both
material and event, and about materiality at the points where
we exchange with the world around us.

Cara's practice includes drawing, writing, sculpture,
tea drinking, sound and video.

She received her BA in Fine Print from NCAD, Dublin in 2016,
and is currently studying for her MA in HKU, Utrecht.

Cara has completed residencies in the RHA School, Dublin;
Haihatus, Finland, Cow House Studios, Wexford and Arts Letters & Numbers, New York.

In 2018, Cara curated a one-day exhibition, Gathering on Dollymount Strand
and produced Emma Brennan’s performance work Heed, to the Mound
for Dublin Fringe Festival. Recent Exhibitions include PLATFORM 2019 curated
by Sharon Murphy, Draíocht Blanchardstown; Third Thursday curated by
Jennifer Park, Arts Letters & Numbers, NY, Some Concrete Possibilities
curated by Síobhan Mooney, The Library Project and
The Museum of Mythological Waterbeasts, Ormston House, Limerick.

Sometimes the river flows backwards,
curated by Basic Space, Backwater Artists Studios
Opening January 9th 2020


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