b. 1994, Dublin, Ireland
living & working in Den Haag, NL

Cara cares about one-to-one conversations and connections; small intimate moments in intimate settings. She is particularly curious about complex ways the body is involved in and influenced by intimate conversations, collaborations, and exchanges, both with other people and our environments. While often overlooked, these exchanges have a big impact on who we are as people and have wide reaching influence on our work, our professional lives, our political views and how we interact with the world at large. Small scale collaboration, often within her own close relationships, often forms the foundation of her research. Through performance, writing, drawing, sound and textiles; she makes the exchanges and processes by which we interact with those we love, tangible.

Cara has an ongoing interest in creative education and public engagement within the arts. She is currently leading the development of an Art & Technology summer camp with Designer Minds, Ireland and has experience in a variety of roles within the arts sector, working as a curator, a producer, and a workshop facilitator.


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