hand over had thread over thread line over line, 2022

in Genuinely Seeking, 2022

text and drawings
comissioned by Rachel Botha

Genuinely Seeking is a compendium of visual art and writing that addresses our notion of time, and critically disturbs our attitude of it in work processes. It is aimed at embedding practices of support and interdependence, a meditation on alternative approaches to time and process, that will hopefully initiate a broader conversation.

To be interdependant is to have a dependancy on one another, we are interdependant beings, existing and indeed thriving in tangled webs of mutal reliance - Cara Farnan’s drawing invitation allows us to reflect on our interconnectedness. This recognises and fosters systems of social collaboration and can imbue values like loyalty, empathy, conviction and a commonality to a cause
” – Rachel Botha, Editor, Genuinely Seeking (Bloomers, 2022).

This publication was produced via Bloomers Emerging Editor Award (funded by the Arts Council of Ireland through Arts Grant funding), an opportunity devised to allow a practitioner in the early stages of their career to expand their practice by editing a printed publication with support from the Bloomers publishing team.

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