our field guide, 2019
open source map made in collaboration with Jennifer Moore

Our Field Guide
Collective map-making.

Our Field Guide is an open map that can be made in response to any place at any time. Standard maps provide a fixed reading of places, often reinforcing hierarchies of knowledge.

This guide can be used as tool for exploring places old or new, urban, ruinous, natural or wild.. as a solo explorer, with friends or strangers. It provides a blank template for reflecting upon and recording elements bordering on the magical, the invisible, the unknown or forgotten or felt.

The map is available online here , to be printed, folded and shared for journeys anywhere, anytime, once or over and over. We also encourage you to use this folder to share any drawings, photos, thoughts, experiences which arise while mapmaking!

If you wish the map to be included as a part of any trip, exhibition or event, please feel free to contact cara or jenn

online, as a part of a shared google drive

as a part of a group trip to Dalkey Island,
Aug 2019

as an element of Listening Bodies
assembled by Tonnta and Kirkos Ensemble,
Smock Alley Theatre, Nov 2019