Temporal Orbit (pendulum), 2017
nail, string, rock, pencil on wall

Temporal Orbit (words), 2017

Temporal Orbit (vases), 2017
glass vases, copper wire, rocks, water

Temporal Orbit (drawings), 2016
graphite on graph paper

'Quiet still and gently now
T he stones they sleep and slip through changing waves in faraway thoughts

Brief respite here, they sleep and wait and slip from sleep then depart in far off flight

They rise and lift away from watery rest to soaring heights and circle around in space time cycles slipping through clouds as once in waves and ebb and flow through white grey wilderness upwards past skies to infinite expanses and upwards and around and back through air breathing deeply this new being

Then completing a day of orbit happily sink into rest once more

They drift and float and downwards go welcomed by passing tides of another evening And welcomed by waves to rest once more

And slip again into sleep

Quiet still and gently now

The rocks rest in time waters’ caress"