Water Bodies opening performance, 2020

Performance with Jennifer Moore and Emma Brennan

We began apart from one another, with heavy weights beneath our clothes. 
Then slowly, we coaxed the objects out, and distributed their weight, passing to one and taking from the other.
In our shared grasp, we lifted the previously unmanageable weight and carried around the pools of water,
before detatching ourselves, and laying the newly tangled knotted weight to rest. 

Catalyst Arts
6th August 2020

images: simon mills

“Lycra masks cover their mouths and they do not speak, the pebbles rattle downstream, and they erode slowly, as words do in closed mouths

Unspoken, each thought, murmur and felt emotion percolates into a reservoir
(a pool, a body of water)

in this space 3 bodies silently pass between each other,

touching in a way that can’t be felt

because we've been talking, bodiless for months.”
                                                                            excerpt from Bodies of Water
                                                                            text response by Micheala Nash