Word Diving Ritual, 2020
Collaborative Performance with Jennifer Moore
performed at the opening of sometimes the river flows backwards, Backwater Artists Group
9th January 2020

Arising out of a continous sharing of ideas and processes with one another, Jennifer composed a narrative soundscape, which played throughout the exhibition space for the duration of the performance. Cara distributed a number of handheld objects and a printed textile script to visitors. Led by Jennifer, the audience were invited to participate with the artwork, both individually and collectively engaging with text, textiles and objects throughout the space, by speaking and singing, opening up processes of vocal and melodic play and experimentation.

objects from Word Diving Ritual.
stamped and handstitched polyester, beads, pebbles, gravel, liqorice, marbles

you aren’t speaking
digitally printed and handstitched polyester script

images courtesey of Brian MacDomhnaill, Backwater Artists Group