you and i, going around, 2022
participatory performance, hand painted textile, digitally printed lycra, text
The City, curated by Aifric Prior Beliere

Written in the form of a mobius strip, this text is composed of a series of short phrases or sentences, with no beginning or end. As it is read, the text is pulled by the participant(s) and the artist, circulating through the performance structure. Voices speak aloud and as a result of the different pace of the readers, the order in which these phrases are said is in constant flux. As a result the meaning is constructed differently as new readers step in and out, or as multiple voices start to read together. The work uses the physical actions of pulling, circulation and reading aloud together to examine the social nature of texts, and emphasise how meaning within a text is changed greatly by how we relate to it, and to those we have in mind as we read.

‘The City’ is a multidisciplinary programme of visual art, music, workshops and performances exploring what it means to live in a city and create relationships within its borders. The selected works explore what it means to engage with a space and the ways our knowledge of it is influenced. Acts of care from the artists and the works underpin this non-commercial project.